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Elders Home

Home for aged:

specially designed to fulfill the special needs,social & personal requirements of senior citizen (elder/old people) who need some assistance for daily activities and health care day care centre

* retired/VRS persons

* guest of residents while children are abroad/out station

* accomditation for paying guests

* geriatric care

Home for bedridden

* Depressed/bedridden for persons suffering from paralysis/stroke

* Treating pressure sores/ulcers

Home for recovery

* dementia care

* parkinsonism care

* short illness

* post surgical recovery


there is a nutritionally balanced seasonal menu,with residents tastes are individually catered for.we aim to fully understand new residents nutritional needs,tastes,special diets and preferences shortly after they arrival.we check regularly that such needs are being met.we also encourage feedback so we can continue to improve our food services.

Types of diet

soft / liquid / blended / mixed.